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How to Delivery

Q: How long will it be shipped after the payment is successful?
A: After the payment is completed, the delivery will be completed within 48 hours.

Q: How long does it take to transport?
A: Transportation time is based on your needs
     1. Choose DHL: Most countries can complete delivery within 3-7 days, and some countries need 7-10 days.
     2. Choose EMS: Most countries can complete delivery within 7-20 days, and some countries need 10-30 days.

Q: Why are there different transportation times?
A: The transportation time will be affected by the flight time of different countries, customs clearance time, local working hours, delivery time, etc. So there will be a difference between speed and slowness.

Q: The logistics information of my EMS package has not been updated for nearly one month. What happened?
A: If you have not updated the logistics information for more than 20 days, you can contact the local post office to check if you have received it. If you can't send it, please contact us.

Q: Where can I find my logistics information?
A: We will upload the waybill information in the background after we finish the delivery. The following two ways of querying are provided:
    1.EMS order information inquiry:
    2.DHL's waybill information inquiry:
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